ABI continue to highlight the impact of insurance fraud

A report by the ABI has highlighted the ingenuity of insurance fraudsters, along with the incredibly high cost to honest customers. From fake road accidents to false reports of loss, the cheats are costing the industry £25million a week and pushing up premiums. 

The clampdown on false whiplash claims a few years ago forced the fraudsters to become more resourceful. Many are caught quite easily – one woman made a claim for her lost wedding ring but sent her insurer a photo of the item that was dated the day after she lodged the claim. And another made a big injury claim after a fall, but CCTV film of the incident shows her staging her fall.

There are many stories like this, often ending with the criminals being handed stiff prison sentences. However not all fraudsters are incompetent and don’t get caught, making prevention the best option for insurers. Technology is a great tool in that area and RDT is one of the leading innovators of systems that detect both application and claims fraud. Our three core products – Landscape, Equator and Skyline – all have sophisticated analytics and use data enrichment to help expose fraud, and RDT is committed to continuous research and development to block new scams.  

The ABI’s director of general insurance policy, James Dalton, said: ‘Insurance cheats do not lack nerve or ingenuity, which is why there will be no let-up in the industry's commitment to protect honest customers. The chances of getting caught have never been greater, and the consequences, such as a prison sentence and difficulty in getting future insurance and other financial products, have never been more severe and long-lasting.’

For more on fraud prevention, see next month’s issue of Prism, our insurance technology newsletter. Or talk to us at the ABI Motor Conference on 18 October, when fraud will be a key part of the agenda and RDT CEO Mark Bates will lead a technology session.

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