November 2015 Employee Spotlight

Nov 11th, 2015

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Ciaran Rowe - Business Analyst
Before RDT I spent 28 years in the treasury and capital markets space, working for three multi-national banks. My background is in financial operations – I started on the bottom rung straight from school and worked my way up the ladder to management. Most of my career was spent in the City, however managing global teams I got to travel to Europe and Asia. The constant changes in the industry led me down the project management/business analysis road.


In my short time at RDT I have been lucky enough to have worked in a number of teams and on a variety of projects. The Agile methodology adopted by the company means I get to work in a collaborative environment delivering value to clients in short time frames.

My role at RDT means I get to work with engaged professionals and for a passionate Executive. It has not only given me the opportunity to learn about a new sector, but also to be part of an innovative, cutting edge technology company.

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